Tombstone Tuesday

I got this idea from reading Geneabloggers (Although I don’t know if that’s where it started or not, to be honest.), and I thought I would give it a try. 😀

I think writing prompts are great for people who want to make blogging an every day thing, and that’s something I’ll look into after I get moved into the house and whatnot. 😀  But for today, I want to talk about Abraham Godsey. 🙂

Abraham Godsey's grave, Hindustan Cemetery

(Thanks to for this photo)

Abraham is my third great grandfather.  I don’t know much about him yet, other than bare facts, except for one story.

Dollar, formerly Abraham Godsey's

Let me preface by saying that other than my Uncle’s word, and this dollar coin, there’s no proof whatever of any truth to this story. 🙂

That said, according to my uncle, when Abraham’s son, Charles Robert, was born, Abraham had this coin.  When Charles was old enough, Abraham gave it to him, who then gave it to his son, Howard E., at some point.

For reasons unkown, Howard did *not* give it to either of his sons, but held on to it, to give it to his youngest daughter’s oldest son (My uncle), who’s recently passed it on to my cousin.

These tangible links to our past fascinate me.  I think it’s what prompted me to start collecting postage stamps years ago. 😀