A welcome, and a why

Welcome to what I hope will be an interesting look at Monroe County, Indiana, and probably some surrounding counties.

I always tell people, when they ask, that I grew up in Monroe County (Bloomington, to be exact), even though I have not lived there since I was about 9 years old.  I have family that still lives there, and growing up, I spent all my summers there, at my grandmother’s house.  She exposed me to the idea of family history, and coupled with my fervent desire to “know where we come from”, I began researching our family history, in earnest, a few years ago.

I’ve found, over the years, that a massive chunk of my family was rooted all over Monroe County, coming from all sorts of places, sometimes leaving a lot of information behind, sometime (most times, really haha), leaving not so much.

So, I find myself learning all sorts of things about Monroe County, with very few folks to share it with.  Thus I find myself here. *grin*   Hopefully, with this blog, I can share stories and information, and pictures with other people who’re interested, while sparing my longsuffering hubby from having to listen to me blather. *laugh*

As a forewarning, I am not much of a writer; I think I’m a decent story teller, but don’t expect grammatic excellence, you’ll be disappointed. *laugh*  I am also a bit flaky, in that sometimes I’ll write all the time, then I’ll go a couple weeks and not write.  I’m hoping to be relatively regular in my postings, but I also know myself. 😀

So, before we get underway, let me close by saying, of course, if I have any information that you’re interested in, I will absolutely share it with you,  and I welcome any stories, photos, or info that you have regarding the families of Monroe County, both old and current.