Treasure Chest Thursday – The tiny Bible

Harvey William Harlow was drafted into the US Army in 1918.  He was sent to Camp Knox in West Point, Kentucky (What’s now Fort Knox. 🙂 )

Harvey W. Harlow

His son Herman, my grandfather passed away back in July, and my uncle is doing the brunt of going through the house. In some of my grandfather’s things was a bible-a tiny New Testament (it’s smaller than my smartphone).

The front of the bible

The fascinating part is what’s written on the inside. I’m going to type it exactly as it’s written:

“From your Mother

Mrs Leathie Harlow

to hir sun

Mr harvey W Harlow

71 field Artillery

Battry F Camp Knox

West Point KY

in god we trust”

(By the way, this is the same Letha/Leatha/Leathie/Leafy from yesterday’s post *Smile*)

This is one of the few tangible pieces of Harvey’s life-he’s been a real enigma for me and this small look at a mother’s concern is touching and comforting at the same time.


Almost Wordless Wednesday

This is my great-great grandmother, and I know very little about this photo, having found it this weekend, tucked away in a scrapbook among my grandfather’s things.

Leatha Fulford Harlow