Where it started, for me

I was a teenager when my Grandma Harlow (LaVera Godsey Harlow) showed me what our family referred to as The Zike Book, by a gentleman called Harry Virgle  Smith.  This was always brought out with a good deal of reverence, and the story of “Old Jacob Zike”, my ancestor from Hesse-Kassel Germany who, according to stories, came to fight for the British, and immediately switched sides, and fought for the rebels.

Here is where those of you who also have Hessian soldiers as ancestors can give a hearty eye roll. *grin*

I can always tell when someone online, chronicling the Zikes has used that book as reference without checking, because in that book, my grandmother is listed as “LaVerne Maxine Godsey”, something that just sent her into a froth every time someone mentioned it.  My dad and my uncle used to call her LaVerna, just to watch her swell with indignation.

After Gramma’s death in 2002, I started researching the family in earnest, because as much as I knew about the Zikes, that was only a small part of the people who made me me. My grandma’s mother was a Zike (Anna Myrtle Zike Godsey), but what about the Harlows, and the Godseys? And who else is there that I don’t even know about?

I’m sure you all know how the bug is when it first bites you. *smile*

So, now, I’m very focused on Monroe County, as a whole, and several towns, villages, and townships.  This moment, I want to find out everything I can about Hindustan, Indiana.  I have a pretty good sized chunk of family buried in the Hindustan cemetery, and now  my goal is to find out what Hindustan had that encouraged my people to move there, and stay there for as long as it looks like they did.


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